When a developer develops an application for iOS and Android, he/she has to put in different codes for both the platforms. It has become a costly and time-consuming choice for every developer and business owner. Thus, the app development increases the budget of a business owner and lands you to spend a high amount of money. Then, here comes the need for using flutter app development services. Flutter has gained significant popularity since the past few years. In short, it’s a software development kit (SDK) which allows for cross platform development meaning it develops apps for both Android and iOS as well as WindowsPhone. This means that there is one codebase for several apps.  But before making the final decision, let’s understand what makes flutter exciting, what are its pros and cons and how it is a good fit for your project.

All About Flutter App Development

Flutter started as a startup and later was acquired by Google. Today, it’s an open-source project which uses Dart (a programming language unique to Flutter) for app development. Along with faster and easier code writing, Flutter also provides excellent modules to make the apps have a more native-like feel and, as a result, a better user experience.

Benefits of Flutter App Development Services

Flutter app development services have achieved popularity in the market because it has enthralled a large community of developers and other app owners. Let’s look at the advantages of getting in touch with a flutter app development company for developing a mobile application.

1. Hot Reload

The best part of this app is the Hot Reload feature through which developers and designers can quickly identify all the changes and improvements that have been made to the code right away in the app itself.

2. High-Performance

Many factors impact the performance of an app, including CPU usage, frame number per second, request number per second, average response time, and a lot more. But by using this app, the performance & speed of the site are not impacted making it quite user-friendly.

3. Immediate Updates

Flutter offers hot reload functionality that allows you instant updates without the need for plugins. A hot reload also allows you to view updates in real time. If you face an error while running the code, the framework lets you fix it immediately and carry on without having to restart it. With hot reload, you can improve your productivity. It also assists you with fast iterations.

4. Custom Widgets for Quick UI Coding

Flutter has ready-designed and custom widgets. These widgets are used to create an excellent app interface and its appearance. While many approaches could be utilized by different objects like controllers, views, and layouts, this framework features a unified and consistent object model. The widgets of Flutter are consistent and have extensive capabilities.

5. Mild Learning Curve

Learning a Dart programming language is the easiest thing to learn. Many developers with little coding knowledge can develop apps with this framework.

6. Cross-Platform Rendering Engine

Flutter has a high-performance rendering engine to render your app cross-platform without affecting UI changes. It offers next-level cross-platform integration to help your user use the app flawlessly on any platform.

Disadvantages of Flutter App Development Services

Flutter app services are one of the best things that every business wants, but along with this, it has their negatives. At the moment, the flutter technology is not matured enough, meaning it still has to do a lot to grow, expand and get better.

1. Large File Sizes

One big loophole that cannot be ignored is the large file size of apps developed in Flutter. Now for some cases, these file sizes could be a significant issue and cause a developer to choose an alternative tool for the development. Several older devices are unable to store additional apps without users being forced to pick and choose between an app or photos/music on their device. However, this file size offers you improved runtime and performance so it’s not easy to understand the audience you are appealing to.

2. Lack of Third-party Libraries

Third-party libraries have a significant impact on software development as it enables some features for developers. These third-party libraries are normally free, open-source, pre-tested, and easily available.

However, since Flutter is new to mobile app development, it’s not easy to find such free packages and libraries. The tool is still in its growing phase.

3. Issues with iOS

Flutter is developed by Google. This is why developers are worried about its implementation for iOS. Since Google is directly interested in fixing bugs in the shortest amount of time, building Android apps on Flutter is quite easy and quick.

4. Dart

Flutter is using a Dart programming language. However, it has both benefits and drawbacks. This programming language is not as great as other languages like C#, Java, Objective C, and JavaScript. There are not many freshers’ who will be able to develop an app using this coding. So, this is an important factor to keep in mind while hiring the services of a flutter app development company.

Is Flutter Good for Your Business?

So, by identifying its advantages and disadvantages, we have concluded that Flutter has many more pros than cons for businesses. You can surely build beautiful, high-performance, and amazing cross-platform mobile applications that fit your custom needs and requirements. It’s valuable considering Flutter, especially if you want to develop an app both for iOS and Android.

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