Application design is an essential feature of software development. An unplanned application design results in unbeatable technical debt. Therefore, whenever we want to scale up our applications, it is always okay to try out time tested design patterns. Flask development is one of these. Flask development services is one such framework that you can hire to create excellent web application designs.  Flask is so opinionated and flexible that you might like to combine concepts from the existing patterns and create a new one.

What is Flask?

Flask is a web framework that allows you to build a web application by providing tools, libraries, and technologies. This web application will be a web page, a wiki, or a big web-based calendar application or a complete commercial website. Flask is classified into a micro-framework that means it has little or no dependencies on external libraries. However, there are certain pros and cons of using flask development services.

Advantages of Flask

Listed below are some of the benefits of using Flask development services:


If you want to make an app that starts small, but has the potential to grow quickly then it’s an ideal choice. Its simplicity of use and few dependencies enable it to run smoothly even as it scales up.


This is the core feature of Flask, and one of its biggest advantages. Not only is this helpful in terms of allowing your project to move in another direction easily, it also makes sure that the structure won’t collapse when a part is altered. The minimal nature of Flask and its aptitude for developing smaller web apps means that it’s even more flexible than Django itself.

Easy to negotiate

To find your way around easily is key for allowing web developers to simply concentrate on coding and develop the apps quickly. At this point, using this micro framework is easy to understand for web developers, not just saving them time and effort but also giving them more control over their code.


Here we are talking about the design of the app. There are few basic parts that need to be assembled and reassembled, and it doesn’t rely on a large number of extensions to function. This design gives web developers a certain level of control. Flask also supports modular programming, which is where its functionality can be split into several interchangeable modules.


Flask users will find a healthy number of examples and tips arranged in a structured manner. This encourages developers to use the framework, as they can easily get introduced to the different aspects and capabilities of the tool.

Disadvantages of Flask

Along with a list of advantages, the Flask framework has a few drawbacks as well. Let’s read about some of them here.

Not a lot of tools

Unlike Django, Flask lacks a large toolbox. This means that developers will have to manually add extensions such as libraries. And, if you add a huge number of extensions, it may start to slow down the app itself due to heavy load.

Difficult to get familiar with a larger Flask app

Since the development of a web app using Flask can take a lot of twists and turns, a web developer arriving to the project mid-way can struggle to come to terms with how it’s been designed. The modular nature of the microframework can make the coders confused who will then have to put in their efforts and time to get familiar with each constituent part.

Maintenance costs

Since it is so versatile in terms of which technologies it can interface with, a company using Flask will incur extra costs. For example, if a technology interfacing with your Flask app becomes obsolete or is discontinued, then the company will have to scramble to find a new compatible one. The more complicated the app becomes, there will increase the implementation and maintenance costs.


Flask is one of the most policed and feature-rich micro-framework. Flask comes with all its benefit and gives lots of good features along with a vast number of extension facilities for a new project. Hire flask developers from NextBigIt and get your ideas turned into workable codes. With our top professionals at your disposal, you can achieve better user traction in less time and minimalistic designs. Our team supports your Flask app needs within your budget.