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Our DevOps development services help companies transition to continuous delivery and achieve cloud harmony. As one of the best DevOps development companies in India, we provide you with a surplus DevOps approach and assure continuous delivery and integration, allowing you to launch apps on the market quickly.

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Specializing in front-desk and back-end applications that facilitate, accelerate, and sustain business growth, NextBigIt is a leading DevOps development company. We serve an extensive clientele across various industry verticals. Our DevOps development experience and expertise prioritize a collaborative approach to custom application development and encompass our clients’ vision and needs. We supplement the goals of your business with innovative and cutting-edge DevOps development expertise: a staple for the creation, execution, scalability, and maintenance of intuitive, interactive, and productive applications.

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Consultancy services for DevOps

One of the top-ratedDevOps companies in India, NextBigIt helps you expedite the project development process and reduces the time to market your product. Our DevOps consultants streamline your software development process and IT operations.

Configuration management DevOps

Using a wide range of technologies, our DevOps developers can quickly identify problems and boost agility so you benefit from high-quality services. Let us take care of the configuration so you can concentrate on your company’s core competencies.

Automating infrastructure

As a result of our infrastructure automation solution, our customers enjoy a decrease in the number of manually performed IT tasks as well as an increase in their speed. This service lets you test your infrastructure without additional development.
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Monitoring infrastructure

Our team of DevOps developers helps you improve your IT operations by providing cloud-and-vendor agnostic infrastructure management and monitoring. We take care of problems before they arise, ensuring that the system’s performance is maintained at its highest level.
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Integration and deployment of the system

With our DevOps development solutions, we give you continuous integration. Our continuous deployment solution will ensure that all modifications are automatically deployed to production. To top it all off, we employ agile approaches to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.
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In the market for DevOps services, NextBigIt is widely acknowledged as a market leader and pioneer. As a result of the availability of the DevOps as a Service offering, the company is able to provide a broad selection of DevOps software development services.

Use our expertise to speed up development and deployment.

NextBigIt, one of the top DevOps companies in India, is driven to help its clients achieve more agility in their organization. Our mission is to help start-ups and businesses produce better digital products by optimizing their development and operations processes to support and achieve a faster time-to-market for their digital goods.
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Manageable complexity
Rapid problem-solving
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Professional growth opportunities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

DevOps is a software engineering practice and more of a culture that unifies software development and operational teams for continuous and quick product deliveries.

DevOps practice allows quick and efficient product deliveries with shorter development cycles, high deployment frequency and more dependable releases in line with business objectives.

Veritis has a well-defined DevOps implementation process that incorporates the Agile principles of close collaboration between customers, product management, developers, and quality assurance for faster product delivery. Assessment and Planning, Pilot Framework Creation and Implementation form the major aspects of Veritis DevOps consulting service offering.

DevOps is the collaborative of Development and Operations teams together, breaking down the siloes. DevSecOps is the security addition to DevOps, where security is integrated across all stages of the process chain from start to end. DevSecOps addressed the security challenges that DevOps culture faced.

Missing cultural balance between Development and Operations teams is one of the key challenges to DevOps implementation besides non-involvement of DBAs in release cycles hitting inner circles, absence of a holistic view within the value chain for software delivery and the existence of silos between Development and Operations teams.

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) with DevOps depends on evaluation of quality, performance and metrics. The State of DevOps 2019 report shows high performance with DevOps compared to non-DevOps with 208 times more deployment frequency, 106 times faster lead time, 22 percent minimized time on unplanned work and rework. DevOps organizations report 60 percent improvement in revenue and profits.

Our Projects

What client say about our company?

"The Douglass Truck Bodies app was successfully launched and fulfilled original expectations. The Nextbigit team was communicative and effective in completing the project."

Kynan Chambers

President, Cor d’alene, Idaho, USA

"We needed to create an iOS app to manage a patient’s asthma action plan. Nextbigit developed an iOS app with the required. They delivered a simple, fast app that’s versatile and functional. They were extremely smooth and efficient, requiring minimal oversight from our side."

Jeffrey Cooper

CEO, Bowie, Maryland, USA

"Nextbigit continually goes above and beyond the requirements of the project, developing a remarkably robust and functional platform. By handling any issues promptly, the team continues to prove their excellent project management and communication skills."

Mark Hahs

CEO, Bakersfield, California, USA

"Nextbigit collaborated well and provided consistent communication. They developed our apps and website. Their communication was good. Their team worked well."

Stewart Dixon

Founder / Managing Partner, Chicago, Illinois, USA


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