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As a leading angular app development company in the USA, NextBigIt offers an extensive range of angular development services worldwide. We specialize in developingJavaScript-based single-page applications, in other words,modern, high-performance, and high-valuedesktop and mobile applications.

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    Specializing in front-desk and back-end applications that facilitate, accelerate, and sustain business growth, NextBigIt is a leading angular development company, serving an extensive clientele across various industry verticals. Our Angular development experience and expertise prioritize a collaborative approach to custom application development and encompasses our clients’ vision and needs. We supplement the goals of your business with innovative and cutting-edge angular development expertise: a staple for the creation, execution, scalability, and maintenance of intuitive, interactive, and productive applications.
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    Our Angular Development Services

    Our Expertise Accounts for an Extensive Range of Angular Development Services

    Single-Page Angular App Design and Development

    NextBigIt specializes in single-page application design and development, allowing our clients to forge a new path toward business growth and development by streamlining business management and operations via technology.

    Plug-In Development

    Plug-In development proficiency at NextBigIt facilitates application scalability, control, and efficacy. Plug-In development expertise is a natural extension of angular development specialization at NextBigIt.

    Mobile Angular App Development

    Prioritizing ionic angular frameworks for its many advantages, NextBigIt specializes in winning mobile application development solutions, ensuring the development of exemplary mobile-accessible intuitive UI and modular-structured applications.
    Android Mobile App Development Services

    Angular Software Development

    Integrating routing, client-server interactions, forms management, and other integral features; NextBigIt specializes in the development of TypeScript component-based angular software for a range of business needs.
    Android Mobile App Development Services

    Custom E-Commerce Application Development and Support

    Specializing in front-end application development; e-commerce applications development proficiency is a natural extension of angular development expertise at NextBigIt. Our customized applications for online retail are defined by seamless navigation and enhanced UX/UI.
    Android Mobile App Development Services

    Interactive/Social Applications

    NextBigIt specializes in UI and UX development prioritizing intuitivism and interaction. We specialize in designing and developing winning interactive/social applications for mass use.
    Angular Development Services

    High-Quality and High-Performance Web Applications

    Angular development specialization at NextBigIt also extends to web applications development; while all our services are bolstered by an expert angular support team at your service.

    Get the Best Out Of Front-End Applications with Angular Ionic Frameworks

    Faster Applications Development
    Maximized Performance and Processing
    SEO Optimization with Suggested Meta Keywords and Tags
    ConvenientlyTestable and Readable Code
    Highly Responsive and Productive MVC and MVVM Integrated UI and UX

    Why Choose NextBigit?

    With over 8+ years of experience and a 98% client retention rate, NextBigIt has emerged as one of the fastest growing software development companies. We serve businesses of all sizes. Also, we offer custom web and mobile application development services to businesses from different sectors. In eight years, we have earned the trust of many users worldwide.
    High-performance software delivery and digital solutions
    Advanced and extended software protection
    Full-cycle application development
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Know more about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

    AngularJS is a front-end web framework based on JavaScript. It’s mainly maintained by Google and the community of its fans and other corporations. It aims to simplify the development and testing of applications by providing a framework for client-side model-view-controller (MVC) and model-view-view (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in web and progressive web applications. It’s also used as a frontend of the MEAN stack, consisting of the MongoDB database, the Express.js web application server framework, AngularJS itself and the Node.js server runtime environment.

    Initially, Angular was a framework that addressed many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. Such applications are one of the many applications. It is most often used to create various web apps. For example, Gmail, Forbes and use it. However, Angular is a cross-platform technology that allows you to create web, mobile and desktop applications.

    MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a popular design pattern for web application development software. It isolates the application logic from the user interface layer and supports problem separation. It consists of three parts: the model is responsible for the application’s data management, responds to requests from the view, and instructions from the controller to update itself. The second part is the View, responsible for displaying all or a portion of the data to users; it also specifies the data in a specific format triggered by the administrator’s decision to present it. The controller manages the relationship between models and views, responds to user input and performs interactions on data model objects. Receives input data, validates it, and then performs business operations that modify the data model state.

    Angular makes it much easier to build robust web and mobile applications. It allows you to create efficient software for various platforms and is also based on the beloved, extremely popular JavaScript. The very fact that he is a JS framework quickly gave him an advantage in the market and stole the hearts of many developers. It is focused on security, reduces the amount of code needed to be written, and is open-source. No wonder that it has quickly become one of the most popular frameworks.

    Angular is a perfect solution for companies that need a modern web application. It’s equipped with all the features you need to create large-scale projects, and thanks to its architecture, you can easily reuse code. It is also an ideal framework for the Single Page Application it was originally designed for. Also, consider it seriously for developing a Progressive Web App. As of Angular 5, the framework comes with built-in PWA support. In addition, the CLI commands included in subsequent releases allow developers to transform web applications into progressive web applications quickly.

    Directives are classes that add additional behaviour to elements in your Angular applications. Use Angular’s built-in directives to manage forms, lists, styles, and what users see.